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  1. Deceivers and False Prophets - (Jesus warns us of coming false prophets, deceivers who will mislead many and disseminate false information about the future) - {PDF Copy}
  2. The Abomination of Desolation - (When disciples see the Abomination of Desolation standing where it ought not, they must flee Jerusalem without delay) - {PDF Copy}
  3. His Repeated Warning - (On Olivet, Jesus reiterated key information that is necessary for his followers to avoid deception by false prophets) - {PDF Copy}
  4. Christ or Christendom? - (By the term ‘Christendom’ men invoke God to validate national institutions and pervert the gospel of Jesus Christ) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Christ and Caesar - (Satan offered Jesus unlimited political power to achieve his messianic mission if only he accepted him as his overlord) - {PDF Copy}