09 March 2023

Babylon Past and Present

The story of Ancient Babylon’s demise is reflected in the sixth trumpet and the sixth bowl of wrath. In Daniel, on the eve of the city’s conquest by the “Medes and Persians,” King Belshazzar gave a feast “for a thousand of his lords” and “tasted wine” from the sacred vessels that Nebuchadnezzar had looted from the Temple in Jerusalem, thereby disrespecting the God of Israel while also praising the false gods of Babylon.

03 March 2023

Little Horn - Interpretation

The second half of the seventh chapter interprets the vision that concluded in a judgment and with a declaration. The one “like a Son of Man” received the kingship from the “Ancient of Days” so now “all peoples, races, and tongues should render homage to him; his dominion was an everlasting dominion, which should not pass away” - (Daniel 7:9-14).

21 February 2023

Two Little Horns?

The figure called the “little horn” figures prominently in Daniel’s visions. It is explicitly named in the visions of the “fourth beast” and the “ram and goat.” It is reasonable to assume both visions portray the same figure. The historical references in the first vision are enigmatic, in the second, they are explicit.

20 February 2023

Welcoming the Beast

Discussions on the “mark of the Beast” focus on questions about what it is - a medical implant, barcode, tattoo – and the significance of its “number,” ‘666.’ As important as these questions are, far more critical is the issue of how the mark is implemented, and how we avoid taking it or the “number of the beast.

16 February 2023

The Apostasy

Paul warns of the coming apostasy and connects it to the “man of lawlessness.” To the church in Thessalonica, he explains that the “day of the Lord” will NOT commence until the “apostasy” occurs and that dark figure is revealed - two inextricably linked events. And in doing so, he reiterates warnings found elsewhere about this future apostasy.

10 February 2023

Single Beast

In the books of Daniel and Revelation, the “Beast” is a single entity that has existed since the dawn of human history, beginning with the first attempt at global domination when men founded the city of Babel and “SET UP a high tower to make us a name, lest we be scattered upon the face of the earth.”