Lighthouse in storm Photo by Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash
This blog is a teaching and publishing ministry of the
Disciples Global Network. The focus is on the end-time figure known commonly as the 'Antichrist,' the 'Beast,' and the 'Man of Lawlessness,' assuming the different terms all refer to the same malevolent character - [Lighthouse photo by Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash].

The interpretive approach employed on the site is twofold. First, a focus on reading a passage in its original literary and historical contexts.  To whom did the author write and why? What were the historical circumstances that prompted it? Who were its recipients? Second, full consideration must be given to all citations and verbal allusions from the Hebrew Bible, and how a New Testament author applied them.

I am educated in the history, language, and transmission of the Bible. Over the years, I have developed a keen interest in Bible prophecy, especially in the books of Daniel and Revelation. I have been a student of the Bible since 1971 and earned a bachelor's degree in theology from the Pacific School of Theology (Seattle, Washington, USA).

All my posts are free. NONE are copyrighted. Anyone may copy, reuse, and distribute them as he or she sees fit. If you have comments and questions or are interested in supporting this effort, please email me at bear7755@gmail.com ~ David R. Maas, June 2022.